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FundaFunYou might be wondering what the name “Funda Fun” means. Well, the meaning of our name is something that has great importance to us and reflects the philosophy of FundaFun Publications. “Funda Fun” means “learn with fun” in the Zulu language.

Here at Funda Fun, we are all about making learning fun. We believe that learning shouldn’t be a chore – it shouldn’t be something kids dread and it shouldn’t be something that kids can’t wait to come to an end. Somehow in today’s society too many kids have come to associate learning with something negative. Kids seem to have come to believe, for whatever reason, that the fun comes after the learning is done. In reality, learning is the fun! Kids will start believing this in no time once they start reading our books.

So, what will kids find here? They will learn about an abundance of topics, in an abundance of different ways. Here at fundafun.com, kids will find books about ranging in topic from science to travel – and so much more! Each book includes a funny story based on facts – so children can truly enjoy the learning experience. As children enjoy these stories, they will realize that they love learning. Kids learn more when they are enjoying the process, and our goal is to help children become immersed in what they are learning. Children will become passionate about exciting topics with each new story that they read.

We all know the pressures and expectations that far too often come with being a child today. Between school, homework, and other activities, sometimes kids have so much to do at such a young age that it is no wonder stress builds up. It is such a shame that children are feeling stressed out, when they should be spending their childhood years enjoying their lives. This is why Funda Fun was created. The goal of Funda Fun is to reduce the stress children experience by providing them with fun, relaxing activities. Of course, these activities all include learning as well, which makes them even better!

Funda Fun provides great learning materials for a whole range of ages. The materials on this site are designed for children ranging in age from two to twelve. Funda Fun proves that children of every age can find the fun in learning through a variety of materials. Books are just the start here – we have a myriad of resources, games, and other fun ideas for kids! Funda Fun offers puzzles, riddles, activity ideas, cools facts, crafts, experiments, coloring and jokes written especially for kids. No matter how children learn, and no matter what type of activities they enjoy, they’ll be sure to find something fun here at Funda Fun.

At Funda Fun there are pages of riddles and jokes that will keep kids entertained. We have specifically selected riddles, jokes and puzzles that kids will love. There are also pages of great craft and science experiment ideas. These educational activities make Funda Fun a wonderful resource for parents and teachers. You may have also noticed the “Cool Facts” section of our website. This is a great place for kids to come to learn about a variety of different topics. This section shows kids that facts can be fun!

With all of this to offer, Funda Fun is more than just a book publisher. Funda Fun is a place where kids can come with their friends to laugh, play and learn. Funda Fun is unique because there is so much in one place – from books, to jokes, to activity ideas of all kinds, you will be sure to find it at Funda Fun. And you can also be sure to find materials for a whole range of ages, written about a wide range of topics. Your search stops here – at Funda Fun, the place where learning is always fun.

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