Children’s book: The Adventures of Zander In Africa

Children’s book: The Adventures of Zander In Africa

A little boy who dreams of adventures meets an unexpected and magical friend who can make his dreams come to life! Together they go on amazing journeys to different places all over the world, learning about everything they see as they go.

In this first book of a series to come, you will learn the story of how these friends meet, what brings them together, and travel with them on their first amazing adventure.

  • Where will they go?
  • What will they see?
  • What new, exciting things will they learn?

Have you ever wanted to go on an adventure? Zander sure has. He dreams of being an amazing adventurer who travels all over the world, but sadly it’s just pretend (that is…for now).

One day Zander meets a mysterious friend who’s in trouble and in need of his help! But what Zander doesn’t know is that by helping this new friend his dreams will come true and a magical, wonderful adventure unlike he never imagined is about to unfold.

Zander is whisked off through the clouds with his new friend, Nimbus, who just so happens to be a magnificent hot air balloon. And he’s just magnificent, he’s a magical flying balloon who can go anywhere in the world with just a simple wish. For their first adventure, Zander wishes to go to Africa to see the wild animals and in the blink of eye he’s soaring over incredible deserts and beautiful open plains. Nimbus is an excellent teacher and he loves sharing his knowledge with Zander as they fly, learning about everything they see.
Won’t you join them? You never know what you may learn!
Easy to read and easy to love, the first book in our educational series is a tale of friendship and adventure that will help your child learn real facts about the world in a fun and interesting manner.

Some of the things you will learn while reading:

  • Facts about the country the characters visit
  • Different types of animals and interesting facts about each one
  • Facts about the country’s environment and landscapes
  • And so much more!

So come join us in a series of exciting adventures where the magic of learning soars into your world!

Readers say…….

I have to say that I read this book before presenting it to my five years old son which is learning how to read without much of my help and I like it. The first thing that I noticed was that as I viewed it on the computer, the images and text were always on separate pages unless other kindle books I have gotten for him, this helps with the problem of him getting distracted with the pictures mid-sentence. I also noticed that the story is not too short so he was able to read for more than ten minutes. As for my son, he loved the story and pictures, he was telling me what he knew about all the wild animals while reading. It was a fun and enriching experience. By Rafase282

As a mother of a 5-year-old that loves to hear a new story every night, I struggle to find good books with educational context that interests my son. Of course in this technological age, I get extra brownie points from my son if I can pull up a book with good illustrations on the iPad kindle app. As a side note, the author added an audio version link if you don’t feel up to reading the book yourself… By Vanessa D.

…The lesson from this book is twofold: first lesson features the aforementioned Zander who is a thoughtful and innovative child. This is a good life lesson for kids, as it teaches them to be helpful to others while using their problem solving skills… by Trish

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