Children’s Fun Story: The Loud Bird Forest (Jack and his friends at Jungle Gym Heights)

Children’s Fun Story: The Loud Bird Forest (Jack and his friends at Jungle Gym Heights)

Have you ever had close friends? Have you ever looked up to someone a little older than you? Have you ever gone on adventures together, learning and laughing at the same time? Well, that is exactly what you will do in this fun series. Get to know the friends, who they are, and what they are like. Get to know the boy they look up to and what adventures they go on together.

Welcome to Jungle Gym Heights! A beautiful and warm California city filled with laughter and learning.

Meet Tommy, Sadie, and Miguel. They are in the 9th grade and the best of friends. Tommy is a little shy, tall, and wears glasses. He thinks Sadie is the smartest girl he’s ever met and he just may be right!
Sadie loves to learn and read and is very intelligent for her age. Tommy and Sadie are both best friends with Miguel.
Miguel is Hispanic and somewhat of a jokester. He still sometimes mixes words from his native language in by accident when he talks, but the other two don’t mind at all because they get to learn Spanish!
These three are so close they often ask and answer the same questions and finish each other’s sentences. They all also have one big thing in common…how much they look up to their older friend, Tommy’s cousin Jack. Jack and Tommy are total opposites.
Jack is strong, plays sports, and likes to show off a little. He is very proud of his many triumphs, even though they might not have happened exactly the way he tells them. He is also in the 12th grade and the three friends love hanging out, going on adventures, and laughing with Jack. Although sometimes Jack can be..well…a little serious, but this can sometimes only make them laugh even harder!

In this first hilarious book of the Jungle Gym Heights series, you will travel with the three friends and their leader into the mist of Loud Bird Forest, where Jack has determined he must show off his “natural born” hunting skills.

Laugh and learn while the friends and Jack have major comical miscommunications about how to hunt birds in the forest and why yelling when you see a bird you’re hunting is bad! Experience real emotions along with a lot of laughs and silliness at the same time. Welcome again, to Jungle Gym Heights, where the education couldn’t be more fun! We are so glad you came!

Readers say…….

“…This story is hilarious and my nieces and nephew loved it. The characters have a lot of personality and the story line is clean and fun. While there are only a few pictures, the pictures that are there are fun and beautifully descriptive and appealing…”

“…Having read this book with my daughter last night I felt that I must leave a review of some sort. We BOTH thoroughly enjoyed this short story which is made even more enjoyable by its occasional colorful illustrations. The characters in the book are quickly formed so that they become like someone you know and can associate with. The story is amusing and life-like, full of jokes and laughing, and it was a pleasure to see my daughter laugh and enjoy the book so much…”

“…This is a story about friends that do everything together and what is unique is that the friends are in 9th grade but the book is for children 5-12. I liked that because it was something that allows younger kids to look up to the older kids yet it is kid-friendly as well. The adventures are awesome and overall, I believe that my friend’s daughter will absolutely love this!…”

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